Who We Are

We are CI Scientific, your trusted partner for all Laboratory and industrial solutions We are an Australian-base company founded in 1969 ang managed by a family of passionate individuals who strive to provide businesses of all sizes the instrumentation they need to properly perform their day to day business operation tasks.

Being in the industry for 60 years, we have a vast expertise and partner companies as a testament for our dedication for innovation, commitment, excellence, and hard work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our customers, providing them with innovative solutions and top-quality industrial and laboratory instruments that help them achieve their goals.

We are committed to delivering personalized service and support, guided by principles of commitment, innovation, communication, excellence, and ownership.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the primary supplier of all laboratory and industrial solutions and equipment across Australia and a trusted partner of all businesses from small to large enterprises.

Through our dedication to excellence and our passion for innovation, we also strive to be the leading supplier of industrial and laboratory instrumentation in New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Featured Products

Moisture Analyzers

Super Hybrid Sensor SHS technology gives ultra-accurate moisture content even with small samples. Second radiant assist SRA feature allows for faster & uniform heating with halogen lamp. Simple to use and easy to maintain for all your loss-on-drying methods.

MC Series Mass Comparators

Fully manage your mass standards laboratory with metrological weighing to meet ASTM Class 2-7 and OIML Class F1 and below accuracy, innovative auto-centering pan, and data memory function.

AD 1690 Pipette Leak Testing

Avoid costly blowout and instantly identify seal integrity with the AD-1690 Pipette Leak Testing from CI Scientific. This quick and easy test, performed in less than 5 seconds, helps you determine if repair or maintenance is needed for your precision pipettes, small pumps, containers, or piping, and includes features such as leak detection with depressurization/air filter system for increased accuracy and output data to a PC or an A&D peripheral device for easy data management.

Pipette Accuracy Testing

Save time and money with CI Scientific's Pipette Accuracy Testing system - a simple, gravimetric-based solution that ensures reliable and traceable results. With ISO 8655 compliance and advanced WinCT-Pipette software for extensive reporting, this system is ideal for accurate pipette testing in laboratories, research facilities, and quality control environments.

Viscometer SV Series

The Viscometer SV Series is a revolutionary range of viscosity determination instruments that redefine standard viscosity testing. With advanced vibrating tuning fork technology, this viscometer works on a wide range of Newtonian fluids, providing fast and accurate results in a simple-to-use design. It offers advanced benefits for difficult samples with low and high viscosities and low volume amounts.

Rheometer RV Series

Discover proven alternatives with breakthrough tuning fork Vibro Rheometer Technology for Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids. Enjoy easy setup, self-calibration, and quick measurements with this versatile and flexible rheometer that is designed to meet challenging variables.

Metal Detectors

Ensure consumer safety with A&D Metal Detectors, designed to deliver world-class performance for detecting contaminants as small as 0.2 millimeters. With modular design, stainless steel construction, washdown rating, and user-friendly interface, our metal detectors are easy to maintain and provide high-quality product inspection for various applications.



Built to last

CI Scientific is a reliable provider of scientific equipment and services, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


Fast Turn Around

Designed to work effectively

CI Scientific guarantees fast turnaround time for equipment repair and calibration services, ensuring minimal downtime for your industrial operations.


Great Customer Service

Welcoming and skilled customer service

CI Scientific's customer service team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, ensuring that customers' needs and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

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